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    Step 1: Choose Website


    First of all, choose your website type, it can be a simple website, standard or an advanced website. Drop down menus can you give options.

    If you are planning eCommerce we can make your customized site with all the basic features. Select eCommerce by toggle switch.

    Step 2: Chose Social Media for posts


    Here you select which platform you are interested in to post daily messages. We have many options available.

    After selecting the platform, select how many posts everyday, you can see the estimated cost for the options selected. You need not do anything except pass on your events and promotions to us. We will create posts for you and schedule daily.

    Step 3: Chose Advertising Budget


    Not just websites or posts, you want to advertise on Social Media like Google, Facebook etc., we can take care of your online marketing based on your budget which includes our charges. 

    Step 4: Order now by first payment


    Lets start now, simply pay for the services selected, you will receive a phone call or email from us within 24 hours of your order. We will once again explain the whole process. Full satisfaction guaranteed.   Your future payment we will set a subscription afterward which you can change or cancel anytime.  No question asked for a full refund in case you change your mind before we start your work.

    Or contact us if you would like to order manually.